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Author Topic: Application Info to Tauri Ålliance/TÅÅE/TÅTS/The Legion/Terran Family  (Read 4488 times)


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To Apply;

Answer the following questions (copy and paste) in a new Topic with your Name as the subject.

Or send a TF Forum PM to either one of the HC;

Answer all 10 questions as Best as you can and provide any additional information that you think is pertinent/relative to your application. Any missed info could delay your app.


1. Your ingame names and ID numbers for Main, Ascended and NG *multi (if you have one).
2. Your Skype ID or Discord @name#
3. Your Timezone and/or Country.
4. List ALL past Alliance(s) in chronological order, if any.
5. Reason for leaving your last Alliance, if applicable.
6. Why do you want to join the TF family?
7. List any previous ingame names.
8. Your current Ascension Level / (Covert/AntiCovert) levels / RAW UP and are you still Ascending? Same for you NG *multi, if applicable.
9. Any current TÅ/TÅÅE/TÅTS/TL/TF Alliance Members than can recommend you.
10. And last last, but not least, is there anything else that you think of that we should know about you.

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Re: Application to the Tauri Alliance/TATS/TAAE
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2008, 01:58:39 PM »

:- Finished Ascending*
     - Spy lvl 39
     - Ascension Server Requirements (see below)
     - Minimum of 3 Months in TF

TÅTS:- Finished Ascending*
      - Spy lvl 38
      - Minimum Defence of 5T

TÅÅE:- Ascended once
      - Minimum Defence of 1T

TÅ Ascension Server Requirements:

Energy Absorbtion Power: 900
Energy Absorbtion Skill: 900
Energy Repulsion Strength: 900
Personal Constituion   : 900
Energy Flow Ability: 900
Energy Channeling Skill: 900

MNEC: 1000

"Finished Ascending" Is someone who for whatever reason no longer plans to ascend their main account or have reached the last ascension levels (TUK), (UnRev), (UnEnding).

"Exemptions from the TÅ Ascension Server Requirements"
   If a) you have your ascended account on permanent VAC mode, or
      b) you have never ascended your main account and therefore do not have an ascended account.

These are rough requirements and open to debate in the application process.
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